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*Six-Pack of Apathy*

Things that happened.

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Well, hmm... let's see. I used to be really creative, and good at writing and drawing and everything... but it seems that the years have kind of put a damper on that creative spark. It's not just that I can't think of anything to write or draw (though that's part of it)... also, it's because I am kind of afraid to make anything. What if it's not good? what if people think it's ugly or stupid? A friend suggested I start a LiveJournal account, just to see other people's creativity and to maybe get encouraged to post stuff of my own. It'd be a way to get back into the habit of writing and getting feedback, without, you know, people knowing me on a personal level...just in case my stuff DOES suck, it wouldn't be as terrifying! Since I'm so hung up on that. So here we go.